Leo's Hair Salon, Nails, & Spa   11 N Wilke Rd  Arlington Heights,IL60005   (847) 577-0835
Leo's Hair Salon, Nails, & Spa
11 N Wilke Rd
Arlington HeightsIL 60005
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Hair Salon Arlington Heights IL

At Leo's Hair Salon, Nails, & Spa, we provide exceptional hair salon and spa services that will enhance your natural beauty, boost your confidence, and make you happy. No matter what services you’re looking for, our talented team is ready and able to serve you. Whether you need haircuts, nails, waxing, or threading, we have the hair salon and spa services just for you! 

At our family-owned hair salon in Arlington Heights, IL, we work around the clock to deliver quick and efficient services to our customers. We staff amazing, friendly, and helpful employees who are skilled at what they do and give the exceptional salon experience that you’re craving. Our talented staff takes the time to listen to you and ensure that your unique vision is brought to life. Lastly, we keep our prices competitive, so you can enjoy our services while saving money. 

Tired of spending tons of money at the hair salon or spa? From $25 manicures and pedicures to $8 haircuts to $5 waxing or threading, we offer everything at an affordable price. So, come visit us today or call us at (847) 577-0835 to schedule an appointment. 

We are located at 11 N Wilke Rd, Arlington Heights, IL.

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